drwisdomteethDr. Hendrickson is a general dentist and we created his websites a number of years ago. Chances are, you know someone who has had their Wisdom Teeth removed by Dr. Hendrickson at WISDOM TEETH ONLY (Dr. Wisdom Teeth) in Provo, Salt Lake, Layton or St. George.Joshua created his online Organic Search Engine Optimization campaign to combat fictitious claims made by Oral Surgeons who tried to slander and defame Dr. Hendrickson. Joshua’s methods work very well and efficiently to get high rankings and overcome most ranking or placement issues.

Negative reviews or feedback or campaigns take time but can eventually be overcome by persistance and hard work which we are very capable of. Do a google search for “wisdom teeth utah” or “wisdom teeth removal utah” or “wisdom teeth only”, we own the majority of the first page of Google which means we basically own the removal of wisdom teeth in utah!

Leader Pages are an intragral part of Online Marketing and Organic SEO. Instead of just having one domain working for you, your business should have multiple websites working for you 24/7! The content of each domain should be tailored to each keyword to be sure the search engine optimization is met to it’s fullest potential. Check out a few of Dr. Hendrickson’s “leader pages” below.

Dr. Heath Hendrickson drheathhendrickson.com
Dr Wisdom Teeth drwisdomteeth.com
About Dr. Hendrickson drwisdomteeth.com/pages/meet-dr-wisdom-teeth.html
Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
Heath’s Blog blog.drwisdomteeth.com
Trooth Exposed troothexposed.com
The Real Trooth therealtrooth.com
Wisdom Tooth Extraction utahwisdomtoothextraction.com
Layton Wisdom Teeth Removal laytonwisdomteethremoval.com
Provo Wisdom Teeth Removal provowisdomteeth.com
Ogden Wisdom Teeth Removal ogdenwisdomteethremoval.com



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April 20, 2015

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