Leader Pages

Leader Pages or Exact Matching Domain Names should NEVER be underestimated and can hardly be overestimated in importance. Every keyword phrase you want to drive traffic to your website should have it’s own domain name associated with it and promoting it with ALL your advertising for that keyword pointing towards it. You should refer to it every time you mention it and share it all over the place to drive traffic, increase relevancy and overall oSEO effectiveness.

An article on moz.com perfectly explains WHY Leader Pages or Exact Matching Domain Names are so important: Are Exact Match Domains Too Powerful? Is Their Time Limited? On-page SEO. “The second highest correlation we found of anything – links, on-page elements, URL factors, keyword usage, third-party metrics  (excluding only Page Authority scores, which are specifically designed to predict Google rankings) was exact-match .com domain names. Yeah – it’s powerful stuff.”