Organic Search Engine Optimization (oSEO)

seo2Organic Search Engine Optimization referred on this site as oSEO in a nutshell means your organic placement or ranking on a search engine. We focus on Google as Google currently receives about 80% of the entire world wide web’s searches. We have successfully enhanced the rankings of many clients websites who could have spent tens of thosands of dollars to do what we did on their budget. It is NOT our goal to fleace you out of your hard earned income to boost your internet listing, it is our ONLY goal to take your website(s) to places they have never been and places that your competition only wishes could be at.

“The second highest correlation we found of anything – links, on-page elements, URL factors, keyword usage, third-party metrics  (excluding only Page Authority scores, which are specifically designed to predict Google rankings) was exact-match .com domain names. Yeah – it’s powerful stuff.” Learn more about Leader Pages